How can I tell what's free vs PPV

Just about everything you see on the 2BuckTV homepage, as well as under the various drop-down menus on the 2BuckTV Toolbar will be completely free to watch. However, we do also include pay-per-view content, in the event that a specific show or movie is not made freely-available online.

When you view a movie genre section like "Action" for example.... The Action movie genre page will include sets of image carousels, as well as an image slider at the top of the page which will include free, featured movies currently available. Toward the very bottom of each movie genre page, you'll see one last image carousel which includes usually-newer, pay-per-view titles.

These are purchased individually through premium providers like Amazon Instant Video and iTunes. In addition to the bottom image carousel on each movie genre page, you can also find more premium/pay-per-view content under the "Pay Per View" tab on the 2BuckTV Toolbar.